The Baltimore Roundtable for Economic Democracy

We help worker coops in the greater Baltimore area get the capital they need to start and grow. Our nonextractive lending process helps  prioritizes inclusion and equity, rather than locking communities out of the funding they need to start owning their economy. By combining the financing we offer with technical assistance and cooperative mentoring, we can support worker-owned businesses and give them a chance to thrive. And by joining with other community loan funds around the country as a member of the Seed Commons community wealth cooperative catalyzed by The Working World, we can unlock bigger investments and more knowledge for Baltimore cooperatives.

Non-extractive finance for a cooperative economy

Our lending is based on the principle that a truly equitable economy needs to be nonextractive. We give workers and communities the ability to control their own economic destiny through cooperative enterprise, using a financing methodology that prioritizes project success instead of siphoning off profits.

News and updates

Worker Co-op Jump-start Series

Are you interested in starting on the cooperative path, converting your existing business, curious about how they function, or you are already a cooperative member looking to expand your knowledge and share your experiences? Then our Spring Cooperative Jumpstart is...

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BRED Game Night at Red Emma’s

On the 28th we are partnering with Red Emma's Bookstore and Coffee House to bring you Game Night in addition to their weekly Tuesday Build Your Own Burger Night. So come on out to eat some delicious Beyond Meat burgers that you can customize however you'd like and...

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Building Community Wealth at Impact Hub

This Wednesday, May 15th, Kate Khatib will be moderating an event called "Structures of Resilience". This is the first event in a three part breakfast series on Building Community Wealth that Impact Hub Baltimore and SOCAP 365 are partnering together to host. The...

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Making an investment in community wealth

Backed by the infrastructure of a national fund, and supported by a learning network of lending peers, we are able to provide a platform that connects investments to local cooperative development.