BRED knows that growing a cooperative business ecosystem is easier with support. So we’re part of a national network of similar projects working together to provide peer support and a combined portfolio of cooperative projects to potential investors. Initially convened by The Working World in collaboration with Climate Justice Alliance, Movement Generation, the Fund for Democratic Communities and other collaborators, this nationwide structure has two parts:

The Peer Network: BRED can draw upon the skills and experiences of collaborating peer organizations across the country. We are sharing best practices and lessons learned, and codeveloping a robust and resilient network to grow the democratic economy.

The Financial Cooperative: By aggregating cooperative development loan projects on a national scale, we will create a diverse portfolio that can attract and manage bigger investments from individuals and institutions. When you invest through the financial cooperative, you can opt to spread your investment out across this national network, not only supporting more projects, but mitigating the exposure to risk that might come with investing in a single isolated business. As institutions like colleges and foundations respond to the call for divestment from companies and industries like fossil fuels and the prison/detention industry, it is critical to give them opportunities to reinvest in the local, green, and cooperative economy.