Taharka Brothers was the first business to receive a loan from BRED back in 2016. It is so wonderful to see them welcome the first round of worker owners. Converting a traditional business to a worker owned cooperative is so empowering. It benefits not only the workers but also the community. In the latest article about their conversion, Taharka Brothers talks with Next City about their experience with BRED.

“We only have loans through BRED. Part of that is the comfortability we have with them and who they are, them being the first company to give us a solid loan,” says McCoy. “The process has been quite educational, being a part of tracking the payments and having to really get a return to make those payments. BRED also helped with budgeting. The loan process just opened up a whole door to financial education for everyone here.”

To read the full article follow this link https://nextcity.org/daily/entry/baltimore-is-democratizing-the-economy-one-pint-at-a-time