Co-operative Symposium this Saturday!


The Baltimore Roundtable for Economic Democracy is holding a panel on Social Challenges and Emerging Strategies for Worker-Owned Cooperatives.  This panel is part of NDCC’s Cooperative Baltimore Symposium and will run the morning of Saturday November 11th from 10:15-11. BRED will provide an overview of issues and trends in the emerging worker cooperative development field tackling questions such as: What are the ranges of different approaches? Why is scale so difficult to achieve? What challenges seem to arise again and again and what practices can address them?  You can find the registration link below.

Kate Khatib is the national coordinator of The Working World Peer Network, a shared learning infrastructure supporting a cooperative of non-extractive, locally-rooted loan funds providing technical assistance and capital investments to worker- and community-controlled enterprises around the country. In 2016, she convened the Baltimore Roundtable for Economic Democracy to provide support and assistance for Maryland cooperatives. She is a worker-owner at Red Emma’s.

Ro McIntyre is the project officer for the Baltimore Roundtable for Economic Democracy, providing hands-on technical assistance and business development support to emerging and established worker cooperatives throughout the city. They are a worker-owner at The Greenmount Coffee Lab and at Red Emma’s.

John Duda is the Communications Director for The Democracy Collaborative, a national think-tank and policy organization focused on strategies and structures to support the development of economic alternatives. He currently serves on the advisory  board for BRED and is a founding worker-owner of Red Emma’s